Raluca Urea

Raluca is a Romanian-born teacher, director and actress, currently living and working in Philadelphia. She has a BA in Acting and an MFA in Theatre Education from her home country and almost ten years of teaching experience in Romania, Austria and Germany. Raluca has balanced her teaching career with acting and directing in Romanian, German and English. With a passion for teaching and a determination to constantly improve and learn new
things about her mission as a teacher, Raluca practices a simple teaching philosophy: “I want to provide a safe and fun classroom where students of all ages can explore acting and theatre play and find their own way of applying these principles in their daily lives, if they wish to do so.” Having struggled as a child going through the rough educational  system in a communist and post communist country, Raluca is devoted to offering her students what she never received
from her educators: understanding, professionalism, a calm and positive attitude and support.