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Only select days are available for single-day purchase due to partnership limitations and final performance schedules.


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During this week, campers will learn about artwork created in the City of Brotherly Love. Kids will explore the work of Philadelphia artists, both past and present, and make their own works of art inspired by the concepts, materials and processes of those artists.

Registration is closed for this week.


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During this fun-filled week, campers will examine animal stories and explore characters from a wide variety of folk tales, movies, tv shows, plays, and books. They will practice the art of transformation and work on physical storytelling skills. Throughout the week kids will develop their own animal-loving tale, construct costume pieces, create a backdrop, and rehearse a short, four- legged performance to showcase for our loved ones!

+ Single Day Availability

  • Monday, June 10
  • Tuesday, June 11
  • Wednesday, June 12


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Who doesn't get the blues from time to time? During this exploration in Blues music, children will learn how musicians throughout history have turned their sadness into art. Kids will be introduced to some famous Blues (and Blues-inspired) performers like B.B. King, Etta James, and Little Richard, learn basic skills like scat-singing and improvisation, and perform a medley of fun Blues tunes at the end of the week.

+ Single Day Availability

  • Monday, June 17
  • Tuesday, June 18
  • Wednesday, June 19


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Throughout this week, campers will learn how positive energy, problem solving, and smart ideas can enhance and create the world that we live in. We will explore the architecture of our immediate neighborhood, while thinking of the city that we live in and the natural world around us. During this camp, children will use a variety of art methods and materials to create a small row home that they will be able to enjoy for years to come.

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Single Day registration is unavailable for this week.



Single Day registration for July will be available June 18th.
Only select days are available for single-day purchase due to partnership limitations and final performance schedules.


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In many cultures, a circle represents unity, understanding and cooperation. What better way to experience inclusivity than through a drum circle? In this week of PlayArts summer camp, children will use their listening skills to communicate with each other through rhythms, not words. They will practice basic drumming techniques and patterns heard in West African and Afro-Caribbean music, and perform together at the end of the week.


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Being an adult sounds like such a drag! Throughout this week, campers will explore the theme of “growing up.” Kids will examine stories that help teach responsibility, deal with change, and reconcile the process of growing up. They will look to classics like Peter Pan and The Lion King, and explore plant, animal, and magical characters that grow, too! Through theater games, large motor activities, arts and crafts, kids will learn basic theater skills to build their own performance about growing up.


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Throughout this week, campers will explore the beautiful and functional world of textiles. Kids will learn how to dye, weave, sew and create their own designs for plush toys, bags, and decorative pieces for the home. A great week for hands-on, crafty kids who love projects!


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Explore the world without even leaving the city this summer as we use our five senses to race around the globe. Each day campers will learn about a different country or region through stories, games, music, movement, crafts and snacks. At the end of the week, kids will present their favorite parts of the places we explored. Come get your passport stamped!



Single Day registration for August will be available July 16th.
Only select days are available for single-day purchase due to partnership limitations and final performance schedules.


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Game lovers, this camp is for you! Throughout this week, kids will play a variety of games--from board games to dance games--and examine the systems, structures, and rules that exist in their favorites. Campers will develop their own rules and themes to create new games of their own and explore a variety of methods and materials to craft game boards, systems, props and pieces. The week’s activities include a little art, a little movement, a little strategy, and a LOT of fun! The week will culminate with a showcase of the original games the children create.


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Does your child love to make up songs, hum their own tunes or just create silly lyrics? In the Songwriters' Workshop, we will explore different ways to compose and perform the song that's in your child's heart. With music teacher, Maria Mirenzi, your child will learn pop-song writing techniques to create that catchy chorus and thoughtful lyrics. We will explore your child's favorite topics to write about and perform our masterpieces at the end of the week. Expect lots of singing, instrument playing and maybe even some dance moves!


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In this extraordinary week, kids will learn how to create superpowers on stage, experiment with stage combat, and construct their very own superhero personas! Campers will explore superhero mediums (comics, movies, plays, books, and TV) to widen their knowledge of superhumans, examine different heroic styles, and identify character patterns. Kids will devise their own superhero scenes, create “super-suits,” and develop a stage combat sequence. The week will culminate in a short, action-packed performance for families!


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Take a trip to the moon during this movement and art week! Through space-themed art, craft and movement activities, campers will explore the intersection between science and the arts. Throughout the week, kids will create projects and develop performance pieces based on what they learn. The week will culminate with a showcase for families.