Age Range

The PlayArts playspace is designed for infants up through age six. However, we offer classes and other services for kids up to age 12. Please know that there may, on occasion be children up to age 12 in the space, particularly during after-school hours. Our policy is not to exclude based on age, however, parents of older children should understand that children above the age of six are beyond the developmental stages for which the play structures were designed and should keep in mind the safety and well being of younger children when allowing older children to play. We reserve the right to change our age range policy at any time.

Parent Responsibility

You are responsible for your child at all times. When possible, we will provide a play facilitator, however, the facilitator does not assume the role of a parent/guardian and is not responsible for your child's behavior. Be aware when your child is in need of a break and please utilize the cafe area, or take a walk around the block. You're always welcome back inside--just let our front desk know you'll be returning. 

Shoe-free Policy

In order to maintain a clean space, we are a shoe-free facility. Socks are optional, based on your comfort with your child navigating the playspace and climbing structures with socks. Please come prepared to go barefoot or bring socks for yourself and your child. We will also have socks available for purchase.

Holidays & Closings

PlayArts is closed for some holidays, so please check our website when in doubt. We reserve the right to close or adjust hours due to inclement weather, unexpected circumstances or special events.