PlayArts Philosophy

  • We believe that play is essential to human development.  Just like adults, children learn through their experiences. And considering the amount of first experiences in which children engage through play, it should not be treated as a luxury. Play is necessary in helping children develop an understanding about the rules of the world in which they live. It just happens to be fun--isn’t that the way learning should be?

  • We believe that risk through play inspires self awareness. We won't sit idly by while your children light a mattress on fire, and you shouldn't either.  But we do hope you'll let them play on our hardwood floors and climb our tall structures when you think they're ready. Our equipment was crafted with care and built within the guidelines of the National Playground Association.  That said, we do not believe that safety is defined by a padded room or a strict set of one-size-fits-all rules. We've selected toys and equipment to fit a wide developmental range, which includes both small parts and big structures.  We want you to feel comfortable and it's up to you to determine the amount of risk your child should take, but if you're looking for a completely risk-free space, we may not be the best fit for you.

  • We believe in teaching children independence through trust. Children need independence and space to navigate boundaries. To facilitate this, we’ve designed areas that give children a feeling of autonomy. If you’re concerned about being able to see your child under the mezzanine or inside the row home, you may want to stay on the ground floor.

  • We believe that there are no bad children, just bad decisions. Children don’t always make the best decisions because, well, they’re children. But they won’t learn to make good ones if we don’t give them the chance. That kid that threw blocks? Not a bad kid--just learning the parameters of social interaction. If you’re concerned about interactions between your child and another child, please consider helping them use our “Talk it Out” strategies. They are posted in the Peace Corner to help children solve problems through communication and respect. Adults are welcome to resolve issues in the Peace Corner, too!

  • We believe that we're in this together.  Respect--for the environment, our community, and one another. We took great care in creating a sustainably-minded space; please help us care for it and teach our children to care for it, too. Please bring your own coffee mugs to the cafe whenever possible. Be compassionate, be respectful, and assume good intent; while parents are always responsible for their children, we want to allow for a wide range of parenting styles. And last, but not least, we know we’re not perfect. But we hope you’ll let us know and give us the chance to improve if there’s a problem.

Welcome to our community.